LED Infrared Dual Light Therapy Pad

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Infrared LED Therapy Dual Light, Dual Output Pad NIR Deep Penetration For Pain Relief, Safe, Effective, Easy, Aids Healing, Circulation, Chronic Pain, and Neuropathy!

Each unit Comes Complete with 3′ Hook and Loop Elastic Strap attaches to Pad or Itself for Easy Placement, AC Power Adapter for all Countries can be used worldwide 110 – 240 Volt, Soft Touch On/Off Switch with 15 Minute Timer.

Complete Detailed Instructions For Use.



Newly Engineered Dual Light NIR Pad! Larger Twice the Size, More LED’s, Higher Output, Long Operation 50,000 hr. Lifetime, Now with 15 Minute Timer !

Easy to use infrared LED light aids healing, soothes sore muscles and chronic pain relieves stiffness!

Comes Complete With: One 8.5″ X 5 1/2″ Square Pad with NEW Soft Wet Suit Grade Neoprene Pad! 98 High Output LED’s. We offer the highest quality LED’s available. AC Power Adapter With Detachable Plug and On/Off Switch, Complete Detailed Instructions For Use. We Manufacture only the highest quality products built in the U.S.A. All of our Products are Backed by a 1 Year Warranty. Imagine Healing designed for Astronauts and used for wound healing applications by NASA Space Station , Navy Seals, and the US Submarine fleet!

INFRARED LED THERAPY PAD PAIN RELIEF! HOLISTIC HEALING WITH INFRARED LIGHTS! Healing With The Power of Light. Laboratory research has shown that IR LEDs grow human muscle and skin cells up to five times faster than normal. 98 LED’s with New Built in 15 Minute Timer! 72 High Power 880nm NIR Near Infrared and 26 High Power 640-660nm RED LED lights penetrate approximately 4″ to 9″ increases circulation and is aid in the relief of hundreds of symptoms.

5 reviews for LED Infrared Dual Light Therapy Pad

  1. Anamika

    This is the BEST device for pain relief, such a amazing product and very easy to use. highly worth for money…
    i just highly recommend for this product…

  2. Yashika

    I have used the machine and my experience with it was awesome. I have a shoulder pain due to muscle injury and I had trouble raising my arm, my friend recommended this machine, after the usage of 3 months my shoulder pain got significantly better I’m very happy with this machine so far.

  3. Rashima

    this Product works out great…….
    No other words to describe..
    necessary people please do use of it

  4. Joseph

    Very happy with this device, pain has reduced significantly. Really an awesome unit at this price

  5. Stephanie Atansuyi

    I have the dual and single pad, now I jus upgraded to the triple pad. I originally bought this item to help me with caring for my aunti with a glioblastoma brain tumor. Let me tell you, IT WORKS!!!! With my cancer protocol and the near infrared red light therapy we were able to produce results in 11 DAYS THAT THE DOCTORS COULD NOT DO IN 6 MONTHS. As an herbalist I have fallen in love with these devices. Ive used it for spinal injuries, pain, diabetic pains, neuropathic pain, psoriasis of the face and legs, side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, indigestion, gas and bloating, cellulite, stroke and hypertension. I never get headaches, but for some reason when I bought my single device in Nov 2018. The day I received it I had the WORST MIGRAINE IN MY LIFE!!!! 15mins with the pad on my head and the migraine was gone. I am beyond a believer and lover of the infrared relief therapy pad!! I forgot who my research showed created these devices but THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH US!!! I do use oils, etc while giving the therapy and it delivers those herbs and oils to the injuries like a CHAMP!!!! If you need a brander I AM YOU PERSON AND I HAVE PROOF OF EVERYTHING THE DEVICE HAS DONE FOR ME AND MY LOVED ONES!!! I could go on and on but I will digress now.

    • Infrarelief

      We are glad to hear they have worked so well for you and your family!

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