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Infrared technology is used by N.A.S.A. and the U.S. Sub fleet for rapid pain relief and healing. Our Infrared LED Therapy Pad is the least expensive high quality I.R. Light Therapy Device on the Market. 

  • We bring you based on NASA research on healing with Infrared LED Lighting Safe and effective!
  • Easy to use infrared LED light aids healing, soothes sore muscles and chronic pain relieves stiffness!
  • LED technology has provided medicine with a new tool capable of delivering light deep into tissues of the body!

Increases circulation a safe alternative to drugs with intriguingly rapid effects and holistic healing capabilities

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38 thoughts on “InfraRelief

  1. Interested in helping blood to legs and feet due to Neurophy .Will your products help? Priceing. Thanks, Bob Dockham

    1. Hi Bob, Yes the pads work very well when used for Neuropathy as blood flow will increase to the area. This will provide oxygen to the blood vessels and relieve pain.

  2. I was reading the times you suggest should be under the light for various conditions, but i didn’t see the times for this small square lamp which I got from you.
    Do you have this lamp’s times on a web site? It’s a handy little lamp and I want to use it all over as well as for my knee.

    1. Hi Janet, The Pads with run 15 minutes and shut off automatically. You may use the unit on other areas for the entire 15 minute period. You may use the unit multiple times on the same area for chronic conditions. We do not hear of any negative reactions from NIR Infrared Therapy and there are no reported problems from use. I personally as the designer have used these many hours during a day over the past 17 years with incredibly positive effects.

      1. Generally you may use them three times a day per area treated, they come with a built in 15 minute shut off timer for a single treatment.

    1. These units work on any area you have discomfort. Infrared therapy is now being used for a vast array of treatments and more uses are discovered every year.

    1. The Single IR pad produces 2.5 Watts, Dual 5.0 watts, and the Triple 7.5 watts output power, providing a great 15 minute treatment without high heat or discomfort.

  3. I have burning in both feet from peripheral neuropathy really bad and I am wondering if this is similar to cold laser therapy? Would this be a good product for me to put my feet on?

    1. The unit works great for neuropathy and you may place your feet on the pad or lay it over your feet. Cold laser therapy is the term laser diode, Light Emmitting Diodes “LED’s” with a narrow pattern there is no difference except the wavelengths we use are more beneficial.

  4. My husband has can not have knee replacement surgery. Can he use your product for his pain? We had esed photon light at some doctor’s office and it helped. But it was larger device. Please, advice us.

    1. We offer the best wavelengths and an irradiance 60mw cm/2, with a flexible pad and 3′ elastic strap ( you may combine straps for longer lengths ) these units work great for Horses, Dogs, Cats, and other animals.

        1. NASA reported on their research using LED’s – Commenting that using wavelengths of 630-880 nm ( Red and NIR ) travel approximately 23cm or 9″ through the skin surface.
          When these wavelengths travel through the mitochandria they will dispurse and cover up to three times the width of the array.

    1. The Single pad will work for a smaller area, the Dual or Triple will cover larger areas at once for instance an entire foot.

  5. I have spent hours researching the technology and the different brands available. I bought the single to treat a partially torn rotator cuff. In four weeks I was working free weights and the heavy bag again. No pain. Finally making some gains with the black metal.
    After I got my pad, I discovered that there is research on neuro-degenerative diseases. I started presenting with Parkinson’s over a year ago. I had gotten to the point that my hand-writing was almost illegible and it was very difficult to type. I was a painter for 30 years and couldn’t cut a straight line anymore. All that has gone away. I’m working again.

  6. I have these and it works fine. However, what is the lifetime of these LED lights? and Do you sell Wavelength meters?

  7. I understand these work for pain relief, etc. Do they also work for wrinkle reduction and toning? Thanks

    1. The wavelengths are beneficial to the skin. The 640-660 red combined with 880nm are very effective in producing collagen for skin therapy, wrinkle reduction, and weight loss as well.

    1. The Red wavelength 640nm and 650nm combined with 880nm IR will work well to excite the fat cells and disperse as water into the system. When used in conjunction with exercise are a very effective weight-loss tool.

    1. We suggest you do not stare at the LEDs as they are bright, you may cover the pad with a towel or pillow while using if needed. We sell Infrared Blocking Glasses on the website for safety if viewing cannot be avoided.
      These devices work well for migraines and menstrual cramps and we have had great success with both on our test studies.

    1. You will Only See the 13 Visible Red LEDs, 13 in Each Section. Each section contains 36 Invisible Infrared LEDs, this wavelength has the deepest penetration and many positive effects. You will not be able to see the 36 Infrared LEDs! We test all units, switches, and power supplies individually prior to shipping. Do not stare at the LEDs as they are bright, you may cover the pad with a towel or pillow while using if needed

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